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All of us at East Zion Experiences are passionate about the beautiful area we live in and the chance we have to share it with others. We look forward to meeting you and helping you have an amazing experience!



Joseph Sorensen

Hi, I'm Joe, one of the founders of EZE. I teach history at the local high school, manage the Bar 10 Ranch in the Grand Canyon, and have helped lead 100 rafting trips through the bottom half of the Grand Canyon with Arizona River Runners. I love meeting new people and am excited to show you all some amazing places!


Operations Manager / Tour Guide

Rob Figgins "Fig"

Hi, I'm Rob. I am a fun-loving, adventurous, people person. I have always loved the outdoors. One of my passions is sharing this beautiful place I grew up in with the rest of the world. I'm known for being a plant nerd and specialize in fun for all ages. Can't wait to see you in the canyon!


Marketing and Design

Julie Young

Hi, I’m Julie. I love the Southern Utah area, and being a part of such a great company. It is such a beautiful place to live and Micah and I love to be able to share it with those who come on our tours! Don’t forget to grab a shirt and hat so you can take a little piece of EZE back home with you!


Tour Guide

Tony Collins

I'm an Army Vet from Illinois that is passionate about the land and history of the Southwest and its fauna and flora. I'm outgoing, adventurous, and ready to show anyone the beauty of Southern Utah's slot canyons!


Tour Guide

Spencer Cox

Having the opportunity to show people God's amazing creations and seeing their reactions is one of the reasons I love working for EZE! I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I especially love the outdoors, hiking, and rappelling.


Tour Guide

Jerry Gerard

I love skateboarding, snowboarding, and anything that goes fast! I love doing something that scares me every day. Vegas is my home, but Orderville is where I reside!



Micah Young

Southern Utah is absolutely incredible and my family and I are fortunate to call this beautiful area our home!  I'm passionate about getting outside and building genuine relationships with people from all over the world. 


Mechanic / Tour Guide

Anthony Frost

Hi, my name is Anthony Frost and I couldn't be more excited to show you what I call my backyard. Orderville is my hometown where I have spent the past 30 years living and exploring. I am an experienced and certified guide and I can't wait to take you out to see some of my most favorite canyons. Let's go take a tour you will never forget!


Tour Guide

Gavin Hoyt

I love working for EZE and meeting new people every day.  I have a love for the outdoors and seeing the amazing country God has created for us. I'm very grateful for the opportunity I have to show these amazing places to people who have never been here before. It brings me joy to see people so amazed!


Tour Guide

Deanna Reeve

I am the mother of four amazing kids and I am an Orderville native. I have lived here most of my 45 glorious years! I started taking people to the canyons when I was in high school and am excited to be doing it again! Once you have experienced the backcountry of Southern Utah, it will stay in your blood. Come enjoy nature in its extreme!



Mya Young

Hi, I’m Mya! One of my favorite things is being outdoors. I love getting to meet everybody that comes on tour. Rappelling is so much fun, and you’ll have a blast trying new things you never thought you could do!


Tour Guide

Hunter Cox

Hi, I'm Hunter. I have always loved the thrill of the outdoors. I love hiking, rappelling, and exploring Southern Utah and everything it has to offer! I can't wait to share this beautiful area with you!


Lead Guide

Ted Peterson

Hi, my name is Ted. I love Southern Utah and being outside as much as possible. We live in a beautiful area and I'm always in awe of the beauty of the canyons!


Office Manager / Outfitter

Lexi Jones

Hi, I'm Lexi! I'm a mom to three wild boys. We love to laugh and are always looking for a new adventure!


Tour Guide

Garrett Spencer

My name is Garrett Spencer and I grew up in Orderville, UT. I love being outdoors in the canyons and mountains. I also enjoy playing sports.


Tour Guide

Braxton Heaton

My name is Braxton Heaton. I grew up here and have loved every second of it. The things you can see and explore are out of this world! I am 20 years old and when I'm not guiding tours, I am studying business management in college. You have picked the right place to have the time of your life!


Tour Guide

Conner Chamberlain

Hi, I'm Conner. I love Southern Utah! I enjoy playing baseball, basketball, and golf. I love the outdoors!

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