Escape the crowds for an afternoon and come join us as we provide private access to various slot canyons on the east side of Zion. We will explore (hike, canyoneer, rappel) the remarkable slot canyons. We will teach you the basic skills of canyoneering and patiently coach you along the way. Multiple adventure levels available! We provide all the necessary equipment required for a safe and enjoyable experience! Schedule your group for an experience and let us help you decide exactly what you want to include in this remarkable adventure.


East Zion Canyoneering/UTV Tour 4 hours (One of the top-rated Airbnb Experiences in the world)


Coal Hollow Slot Canyon is located next to the White Mountains 4 miles south of Orderville, Utah.  A prominent feature next to Coal Hollow is Sugar Knoll.  Coal Hollow is also called Ladder Canyon.  Meet your guides at East Zion Experiences storefront at 20 Frost Ln in, Orderville Utah.   We will equip you with your canyoneering equipment and transport you to the trailhead via Can Am UTV. Because of the remoteness, it takes a 10 to 15 minute UTV ride to reach the trailhead. We will then take a half mile hike up a steep incline mountain to reach the head of the canyon. Once in the canyon you will start descending into the amazing slot canyon. Coal Hollow features a slot canyon whose skinny walls reach hundreds of feet in the air above you. There are 7 rappels that range from 10 feet to 60 feet. You will become a true canyoneer as you boulder, rappel and slide down natural rock slides. Bring a camera to remember this trip of a lifetime. The canyon has multiple spots where you will be touching both canyon walls at the same time as you travel down deeper and deeper. Water may be present in some spots throughout the year, so please be prepared to get wet. Once you exit the bottom of the canyon your UTV will be right there to transport you back to where we started.

East Zion Slot Canyon UTV Tour 2 hours (No rappelling)


Escape the crowds for an afternoon and come join us (East Zion Experiences) as we provide private access to various slot canyons on the east side of Zion via a beautiful UTV drive. Unlike our other Airbnb experience, this one does not include any rappelling/canyoneering but instead, we will only hike and explore some amazing slot canyons.  Our guide will drive you to Upper and Lower Red Caves Slot Canyons via a Can Am Defender UTV. 

East Zion Canyoneering/UTV Tour 2 hours


Come join East Zion Experiences for an epic 2-hour Canyoneering/UTV Tour to Lower Red Caves Slot Canyon.  This is one of the most beautiful slot canyons in Southern Utah.  The tour features a thrilling UTV ride to and from the canyon in our Can Am Defenders.  After a steep 1/2 mile hike, we arrive at our first of three rappels.  Enjoy exploring this beautiful slot canyon before the thrilling UTV ride back to where we started.  Create memories that will last a lifetime on this short tour.

The Ultimate Canyoneering UTV Experience (6-7 Hours)


Meet your guide and travel in one of our off road UTV's to not one but two spectacular slot canyons.  We will first visit Coal Hollow Slot Canyon.  Coal Hollow is the main canyon that we take people too.  It features 6-8 rappels varying in sizes.  It is very beautiful and scenic.  Check out pictures from past guests on our Airbnb page at the top of the experiences.  After reaching the bottom of the first slot canyon we will travel to Lower Red Caves where we will descend even more rappels into this truly amazing slot canyon.  This trip combines the best of all our experiences into one epic adventure.  



East Zion Experiences is happy to provide a wide variety of gear for your outfitting needs! We have everything you need for a hike to the Narrows, as well as basic canyoneering essentials. To top it off, the GoPro rental comes with a memory card included so you can take your memories home! 

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We are licensed and permitted to operate in Zion National Park, BLM, and Utah State Trust Lands Administration (SITLA)

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